HS310-6B Rivet Head Shaving Tool

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Image of HS310 Shaving Tools

Byler Part #: 497609

Mfg. Part #: HS310-6B

Mfg. Name: Olympic

Additional Images:
Image of HS310 Shaving Tools

Product Parameters:

Alloy / Material Use on aluminum rivets only
Type For 3/16" & 1/4" dia. Shaveheads

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Make your installations simple!

The HS310-6B is designed to shave and finish the head of the Shaveable Aluminum Bulb-tite rivets to give it the appearance of a brazier head solid rivet.

This shaving tool fits in a standard 1/4" drill, and is for use with RV6607-06 (3/16" diameter) and RV6607-08 (1/4" diameter) series Bulb-tites. It features an adjustable depth stop, and a concave shaving bit to get a perfect dome shape every time.

We also sell replacement cutter tips for the shaving tool, side nippers, drill bits, and the tooling required to install the rivets.

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