Mack/Volvo 940 Rig & HuckSpin Truck Repair Kit

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Image of Huck Fastening and Truck Repair Kits - 940 PowerRig Repair System

Byler Part #: 5919400914

Mfg. Part #: TRK-MHS214 for Mack/Volvo

Mfg. Name: Huck

Product Parameters:

Gauge 127444 Pressure Gauge
Hose 15ft
Nose Assembly 99-7521 - sets 5/8" Huck-Spin2
Tool 3585PT - Hydraulic Installation Tool
Tool 940 Power Rig

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HuckSpin Truck Repair Kit & System

This fastener repair system is made to Remove & Repair Huckspin2 fasteners.

Kit Includes:

  • 3585PT Huck Gun - a hydraulic installation tool with removable adapter, pass-thru stroke. Designed for repair, it sets Huckspin, HS2, and Bobtail fasteners.
  • 940 Power Rig - provides hydraulic power to set the fastener
  • 99-7531 Nose Assembly - sets 14mm HS2
  • 99-7531CC collar cutter
  • 127444 Pressure Gauge
  • 15ft Hose

    Other nose assemblies available to set 1/2" thru 20mm Huck-Spin & HucksSpin2.

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