SBL4-6 - All Steel Large Flange Head Rivets

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Image of Steel/Steel Large Flange Head Rivets

Byler Part #: 1022040639

Mfg. Part #: SBL4-6

Mfg. Name: Marson

Additional Images:
Image of Steel/Steel Large Flange Head Rivets

Product Parameters:

Alloy / Material All Steel
Diameter of Body A=1/8"
Grip Range: Total thickness to be Fastened .251-.375
Head Diameter B=.375
Head Height C=.065
Head Style Large Flange Head
Length of body under head excluding mandrel L=.525
Shear 305
Tensile 410

Marson Klik-Fast pull rivets are great for applications where there is no access to the opposite side of the work!

  • An open end blind rivet is simple to install! It joins the material by pulling the mandrel head into the rivet body and expanding the rivet body on the back side of the material.
  • As a low cost, tamperproof, and uniformly set fastener, a Marson Klik-fast blind rivet won't torque-out like a threaded fastener.
  • We stock the drill bits and Marson tooling that sets this fastener!

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