PRG 540 POP® Pneumatic-Hydraulic Riveter

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Image of POP Riveters: Air, Pneumatic-Hydraulic Tools

Byler Part #: 5707540

Mfg. Part #: PRG 540

Mfg. Name: POP

Product Parameters:

Dimensionsxx 7-1/2" L, 11-3/16" H, 4-3/4" Base Dia.
Required Air Pressure 85 psi maximum
Stroke 11/16 inch
Type air consumption: .022 cf/rivet
Type pneumatic-hydraulic
Weight 4.5 pounds

The Model PRG 540 is an extremely strong, robust and reliable heavy duty pneumatic-hydraulic rivet tool that sets rivets from 3/32" to 1/4".

  • It is unbeatable for efficient riveting on mass-production lines.
  • Sets all styles and sizes of POP ® blind rivets, ultra-grips, and T-Rivets from 3/32" to 6.4 mm diameter.
  • The tool is available with either a standard mandrel deflector or with a Mandrel Collection System.

    We repair POP® tools and stock nosepieces, jaws, jaw pushers and many other parts.

    Call us for all your riveting and fastener needs.

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