Rivscrew Rivet Dome/Mushroom Hd Steel Alloy

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Image of Rivscrew Rivet Dome/Mushroom Hd Steel Alloy

Byler Part #: 180172203007

Mfg. Part #: 01722-03007

Mfg. Name: Avdel

Product Parameters:

Diameter of Body D= .1107
Fasteners per Pod 52
Grip Range: Total thickness to be Fastened V= .151
Head Diameter (after installation) E= .240
Head Diameter (before installation) A= .230
Head Height F= .055
Hole Size (front sheet) .121-.124
Hole Size (rear sheet) .111-.114
Length (after installation) G= .196
Length (before installation) C= .241
Rear sheet thickness W= .064

PDF Product Documentation:
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A threaded speed fastener that combines the speed of rivet placement with the removability of a screw. The Rivscrew rivet is removable with a hex key and is reusable.

  • Expands radially during installation to form a thread in host material, eliminating the risk of over torquing and strip-out.
  • Provides a higher vibration resistant “thread lock” in the parent material compares to standard screws.
  • Eliminates the need for costly tapping or thread-forming operations.
  • Can be used to fasten most materials up to Vickers hardness 105 HV5

3.0mm Hex Key Size- 1/16"

We stock the following Avdel installation equipment:

  Byler Part #5010753002100 or #5010753700200.
Nose Equipment
  Byler Part #5020727103000 *SCO
  Byler Part #5030727106030
  Byler Part #5030727106630

*SCO = Standard Cam Operated- nose equipment with addition of a twist cam to ease and speed up the nose jaw opening thus the pod reloading procedure.

NOTE: We repair Avdel Speed Fastening tools!

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