SD42BS - All Steel Dome Head POP® Rivets

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Image of All Steel Dome Head POP rivets

Byler Part #: 102204021

Mfg. Part #: SD42BS

Mfg. Name: POP

Additional Images:
Image of All Steel Dome Head POP rivets
Image of All Steel Dome Head POP rivets

Product Parameters:

Alloy / Material steel/steel
Diameter of Body 1/8"
Grip Range: Total thickness to be Fastened .063-.125
Head Diameter H = .238-.262
Head Style dome head
Hole Size .129-.133 #30
Length of Body L (max) = .275
Shear 260
Tensile 310

Great for blind applications!

  • A Pop Rivet joins the material by pulling the mandrel head into the rivet body and expanding it on the back side.

  • As a low cost, tamperproof, and uniformly set fastener, a blind rivet won't torque-out like a threaded fastener.

  • We stock the drill bits and tooling that sets this fastener!

    Call us for all your riveting and fastener needs.

    NOTE: We are an authorized POP Tool Repair Facility! Tool parts are readily available and in stock!

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